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By Greg Devitt

Is Web Design 95% Typography? – from Smashing Magazine

On 05, Nov 2012 | In Blog, Design, Typography | By Greg Devitt

Regardless of the medium employed, the vast majority of communication work is made up of type. I am forever emphasizing to my design and web students the value and necessity of strong typographic skills. Check out this great article by Paul Scrivens. —gd

One More Time: Typography Is The Foundation Of Web Design

By Paul Scrivens

For years you have been searching for it. You hear the question being asked in your dreams as you go on an Indiana-Jones-type-crusade to find the answer. When the answer comes to you, you know that the confetti will fall from the ceiling and the band will start playing your favorite song. You might even get a kiss from that special someone. So what is this question?


Read the rest of this article at:

Smashing Magazine: One More Time: Typography Is The Foundation Of Web Design


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