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By Greg Devitt

WordPress is THAT good

On 13, Jul 2012 | In web | By Greg Devitt

I remember being in the vanguard of the early years of the Internet. Less than a decade separated us from Commodore PETS and we were writing HTML in Notepad and channeling Matthew Broderick’s War Games uber-hacker persona. We ruled the new world we were creating…and now we don’t.

The pace of evolution and development of the Internet is frenetic and the knowledge required to navigate and create is an order of magnitude larger than the early years of HTML. I’m no slouch, but at my age who has time to learn all this stuff with design clients to serve, lawns to cut, kids’ sports teams to coach, sheds to build…you get the picture.

I’m convinced there is a cabal of ruthless child-geniuses toiling for the sole purpose of rendering obsolete the knowledge of any 25+ year old person. Only evil-genius children would be this cruel.

Enter WordPress. What started off as a simple blogging platform for inane rambling (that is Twitter’s job now) has evolved into a usable and powerful content management system for web design. With a bit of knowledge of CSS, PHP, and the ability to download a WordPress theme, those of us feeling a wee bit obsolete are back in the web development game.

There are virtually thousands of WordPress themes (some of them are even decent) to get you started. Within minutes, or perhaps hours,  you can be hosting a responsive, dynamic, database driven web site.

Do you remember how you felt when you attached your first 7200 baud modem to your C-64 and connected, via phone lines, to a BBS in the next town to play Trade Wars…yeah, you know what I’m talking about…WordPress is that good.

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